Elo Interactive Devices

Install your network of customer facing devices with automatic content deployment – no install steps are needed at headquarters prior to sending the device out into the field. You can control your devices, view what’s playing, perform remote reboots and OS updates … all without leaving your desk.


From close-and personal 10” shelf- or pole- mounted display to a front-of-house 55” or 70” brand ambassador.

  • Small, Medium and large screens (10” to 70”) –in amazing Full HD*
  • Multi touch technology for an engaging and reliable touch experience – from the inventors of touch screens
  • Consumer-proof performance with rich interactive content and gesture capable
  • Support for external devices and peripherals

  • *10” is 1280 x 800 (HD), all others are 1920 x 1080 Full HD

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Responsive design … supersized

  • Create interactive experiences instantly on customer facing devices – EloView and deliver an APP or a WEBSITE to your customer facing devices
  • Leverage existing content – Your responsive-design enabled sites can be easily teleported to a large format touchscreen to instantly create a brand ambassador in store – that also is an endless aisle.
  • With a few exceptions, Android apps you already have will run on the Elo I-Series devices

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Elo has taken management of on-location digital customer interactions to new levels of simplicity and cost. Interactive digital signage has existed in limited implementations and concept for a long time – but Elo’s ability to deliver your app to your store with limited custom development enables you to focus more on what’s important – your customers and your content.

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