POS Solutions for SMB

Our convenient all-in-one PayPoint with EloView gives you the power to administer your POS software remotely and puts you in complete control of all of your storefronts.


Elo PayPoint™ for Android

PayPoint is an all-in-one solution for small and medium merchants that brings simplicity and elegance to the point-of-sale.

  • Simple – With its built-in peripherals, PayPoint makes setting up your point-of-sale system fast and easy. Just unbox, plug in, connect, and go.
  • Elegant – Counter space is always at a premium. Ensuring that it looks inviting and remains functional is of the utmost importance. With its small footprint and attractive design, PayPoint turns your cash wrap into beautiful and functional space to better serve your customers.
  • Flexible – Whether working with one of our strategic POS software partners or deploying your own Android application, you can easily add the POS functionality you need to run your business.

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POS Deployment

With EloView, it’s so easy to deploy and manage your POS application. You have the freedom to provision and stagger software releases to all of your devices.

  • Manage – Whether you chose PayPoint for Android, I-Series, or a hybrid of both, EloView allows you to deploy the right content to the right devices at the right time.
  • Provision – As soon as your hardware comes online, your connected Elo device will download the assigned application and be ready for immediate use.
  • Stagger – With EloView, you have the power to choose when a device runs a new application. Whether it’s for testing or limited release, you have the tools to push new applications to targeted devices.

Remote management of your POS terminal can give you levels of control that weren’t previously possible. The power of EloView, combined with our world-class hardware, makes for one potent POS system. From the plug-and-play nature of auto provisioning, to the ability to stagger your POS application updates, EloView is here to work for you.

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