Kiosk Browser

A kiosk browser allows an administrator to remotely deploy a website on a device. In kiosk mode, browsers allow navigation to only one web page and links on that web page.


Kiosk mode browsers allow immediate leverage of web content that you already have to a kiosk experience. Specific links appropriate to a public user experience may be needed – but the web content delivery system can stay as-is. This is a significant efficiency compared to other models where a content library and presentation layer need to be recreated for signage.

EloView includes a very powerful kiosk browser that offers a choice of two browser engines:

  • Native Android browser engine (Webkit)
  • CrossWalk engine

The Elo Kiosk browser also supports settings to end browsing sessions so that units are ready for the next customer. Two settings are available:

  • Automatic return to homepage after a specified timeout
  • User data clearing: upon timeout, upon return to home page or never

Additionally, an attract loop video or app can also be attached to the Kiosk Browser just like with Android APK content.

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