EloView Versions and Pricing

Which EloView is right for you?

EloView Light (Interactive Signage and Kiosk ISVs) EloView for POS (POS ISVs and End Users) EloView Standard

For ISVs or customers with a content delivery solution, EloView offers a platform for:

  • Automated deployment of latest OS image and content
  • Over-the-air updates (triggered from the device or an API)
  • Kiosk mode, locked hardware buttons and all

Use of web portal is limited to first 30 days for initial set up only.

For applications where employees use devices for a specific purpose (such as point of sale), EloView offers:

  • Android Nav bar that will allow access to installed applications
  • Automated deployment of latest OS image and content
  • Over-the-air updates
  • Portal for managing fleet of devices and settings

Use of Elo wrapped browser not included.

Our “whole deal” – kiosk mode on the device.

  • Unlimited access to the web portal for device management, content settings, content
  • Over-the-air upgrades, kiosk browser, attract loop, and a whole lot more

$6 (5 €)/ month per device

$4 (3.50 €)/ month for 100+ units

$6 (5 €)/ month per device

$4 (3.50 €)/ month for 100+ units

$14 (12 €)/ month per device

$8 (7 €)/ month for 100+ units

Detailed Comparison of EloView Versions

EloView Light EloView for POS EloView Standard
Kiosk Mode
Silent Over-the-Air Upgrades Local or API Local, API or Web Local or Web
Elo Peripheral Drivers and SDK
Auto Provisioning
Attract Loop / Screen Saver
Android Navigation Bar
Kiosk Browser
Content Upload Limit Two apps Up to 10 apps Unlimited
Content Deployment from EloView.com 30 days Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple User Accounts
Custom Home Launcher*

* Requires Elo Development Support

Implementation Services

EloView has been built for simplicity. We know that venturing into “Enterprise Android” can be big step. To assist you in your endeavors, Elo has a menu of options (network, peripherals, processes and management) which will allow you to seamlessly deploy your system.

  • Deployment Services for Interactive Signage and Kiosks: Elo’s team of experts will assist you in networking and content optimization (e.g., videos and images, setup of web pages, optimization of kiosk browsers. Typically these projects are lighter on application and peripherals, but can have complex networking and content optimization issues.
  • Peripheral Integration and Development Support: Elo’s team of experts will work with your development and IT teams to ensure all pieces of your solution are compatible and work with each other correctly. Elo products come with a set of peripherals and SDKs, but each implementation is unique. As a supplier of hardware and software, we are able to provide unique solutions to turn our products into things that solve your problems.
  • Personalized training: EloView training, conducted individually or in small groups for your solution. We don’t practice “Death by PowerPoint” and there is no canned format. Our training is 3 hours of over-the-internet demos and based on your application and network environment. Cost: $500/ person with a 2-person minimum.

We would be happy to provide you a services quote based on your unique situation.


EloView Product Team